Laser pain therapy

Laser Pain Therapy

Laser pain therapy


Back pain treatment is recommended  as soon as possible if you’re experiencing pain . It is your body’s primary structural support. It needs to keep you secure enough to stay upright but flexible enough for movement. So it’s not surprising that many people have back issues from time to time.back pain can be debilitating if left untreated.

The injury can stem from sore muscles, ligaments, and joints, or from herniated disks, fractures, along with other problems in your upper, middle, and lower spine. Sometimes you feel the effects straight away but often, back problems develop over time.We often bring to our back problems through bad habits, for example:

Poor position, such as sitting incorrectly at a desk or behind the steering wheel

Repeating the Identical motion or overdoing it, Pushing, pulling, and lifting items carelessly

Whatever you may have thought or have been told, staying in bed isn’t the response; mind altering opioids can relieve symptoms but will no treat the problem


Nearly everyone will of experienced lower back pain at a point in their lives. This pain may differ from moderate to severe. It may be short-lived or long-lasting.

Our pain treatment for back pain concentrates on not only alleviating your symptoms.but treating them.its is Drug free, Surgery free,Pain Relief free.

There is no age limit to receiving the treatment, we treat people of all ages.


Until now there is little that could could be done for back pain, from mild to severe, we have been trained with a new revolutionary specialised  laser pain therapy to reduce body pain, and sciatica . the treatment is fast, painless with no side effects. it will reduce inflammation and trigger your body into its healing response. insurance companies have been treating for years in the united states of America, because it works: lessening the need for mind altering opioids and x ray guided anti inflammatory injections.the treatment is used with many professional athletes at present to prevent any underlying injuries they may have.

The therapist will initially assess your range of movement, look for referred pain or problematic areas and will treat accordingly, you may be asked to bend or sit in a certain position to help the laser reach the deep tissue or open up and lumbar/thoracic spaces, this will help penetrate the laser pain therapy through the muscle fibres.the treatment may only take 10 minutes so can be undertaken at home, work or in a convenient location fo you.there is no downtime, you may feel a warmth sensation but are free to carry on with your normal day to day activities straight after.


Dependant on the severity of your personal pain, it is not possible to always treat in 2 or 3 sessions, we will give you a consultation and advise you of your individual treatment plan.

Just as with any pain, sometimes simple lifestyle changes can prevent any further pain down the line.

Exercise! Strengthening the muscles around your spine and on your core will help keep you balanced and stable..

use your correct posture. Lift heavy things correctly, using your knees and hips for electricity while keeping your spine straight.

Don’t smoke. It limits blood circulation, which means that your muscles and cells do not get a high supply of  much needed oxygen and nutrients.

Remember do you want to mask or treat your symptoms?

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Our Medical Professionals

Our healthcare personnel are amongst the very best. At Clinic 2 U, you won’t find any salespeople, only registered healthcare professionals who have the time and the expertise to describe procedures in detail and answer all of your questions. Most of our employees have worked with us for many years and have an exceptional understanding of the reasons why you have decided to have Laser & Skin Treatments.

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