Fat Freezing

Fat Freezing

Fat Freezing


Fat freezing treatment is a revolutionary technique, how this treatment works is it cools fat cells over a localized region causing the fat cells to freeze and then break down, leading to potential permanent loss of these fat cells without causing any harm to the skin and surrounding tissues.this is not to be confused with radio frequency which is a fast result with poorer temporary results.


Do you have stubborn rolls of fat around your body that you would love to go away? Would you prefer to see slimmer thighs, inside leg, spare tyre, or bingo wings? Then fat freezing treatment is for you.
Fat freezing treatment offers an effective alternative without going under the knife as the procedure is entirely non-invasive, leaving you with an attractive,natural toned look. and that is why it is one of our most favourable treatments!.


The treatment itself  is normally carried out in 45 minutes, cryolipolysis will causes your unwanted fat cells to freeze and then leave the body.

you may require one or several treatments  to achieve your ultimate look  patience is required as the body does need several weeks to ultimately flush out the dead fat cells, results will be noticeable after the first treatment but will improve vastly in the next few weeks.

it is important to drink 2ltrs of water a day to flush the body of toxins.


This is by far one of the safest weight loss treatments out there on the market. The advantages to consider include when undergoing a fat freezing treatment are:

  • No needles needed
  • No medicines injected
  • No anesthesia or surgical incisions
  • No harm to overlying skin without any metabolic alterations
  • Can return to routine work shortly after the therapy
  • Fast and very affordable
  • Women and men can benefit equally
  • visible results
  • permanent results.
  • can be undertaken on many parts of the body.

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