Hair Laser Removal

What is laser hair removal?

Laser hair removal is the process of eliminating unwanted hair by way of exposure to stimulation of laser light that destroys the hair follicle.this is a permanent hair removal

It is the most commonly performed cosmetic procedures in the UK.

The process involves beaming a highly concentrated light into the hair follicles. Pigment in the pores absorbs the light and subsequently destroys your hair.

Clinic2u source the best technology, we are able to carry out hair removal on all skin types and hair colours including red hair and blonde, we can also remove annoying vellus hair (known as peach fuzz or polar bear hair) that tends to grow on the face of a female.

Is Hair Laser Removal right for me?

No more unwanted hair, wouldn’t that be wonderful? No more shaving, threading,waxing or epilating. You feel free, and your skin is radiant! If that sounds like a fantastic concept, laser hair removal could be an option worth considering.

the great news is clinic2u undertake this treatment out in an environment most suited to you eg home, so no embarrassing trips to a salon or clinic, for this reason we can treat all areas of the body for both women and men including intimate areas.

What happens once I have the treatment?

it is possible that for a couple of days after the hair loss treatment, the treated area may feel or look a little pink,or some heat maybe felt. Cold compresses will relieve if this does happen, do not worry this is completely normal!

During the next coming days, the treated hair will fall out.

it is important to Wear sunscreen for the subsequent month to help block temporary fluctuations in the colour of the treated skin.

What to Consider?

If you’re thinking about undergoing laser hair removal, then you should limit plucking, waxing before the treatment, we will shave the desired area as we like to view the hair for ourselves.

It’s also advisable to avoid sunlight for six weeks before and following therapy. Sun vulnerability makes laser hair removal significantly less efficient and causes complications following treatment more probable.

Hair has a three stage growth cycle, Anagen,Catagen and Telogen stage, we can only target hairs follicles with a growing hair inside of them, the Anagen stage, so more than 1 treatment will be needed to kill off all the hair follicles.

you can choose to undertake hai removal in many areas during each appointment if required.

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