Fractional Microneedling

What is Fractional Micro-needling ?

Fractional Micro-needling is a process that uses tiny needles to create micro-channels on your skin without causing thermal injury to the surrounding tissue. The microneedles are pushed right into the skin at a certain depth, and radiofrequency energy is then discharged inside of the epidermis. This also offers a much more uniformed deep tissue heating system which will then stimulate the new collagen fibres to be created.

However, since this mechanism leaves the protective skin intact, there is less chance of scarring and infection. This leads to the skin becoming firmer and regaining elasticity, fine lines and wrinkles are visibly diminished, pores become nicer, and the general state of the skin improves.

Is Fractional Micro-needling treatment right for me?

People with all skin types can efficiently utilise fractional microneedle through the year. Unlike lasers, unlike many other skin tightening treatments for face, fractional micro-needling doesn’t rely upon chromophores (pigment or colour) to work. Because of this, it does not matter how dark the skin tone is when considering whether to perform a fractional micro-needling therapy.

microneedling has many uses, although favourable for skin tightening, you can achieve fantastic results for scarring and any pigmentation problems.

What happens once I have the treatment?

The entire face would take about twenty to thirty minutes to complete depending on the region and pain threshold. Right after the fractional micro-needling procedure, your face will be hot, reddish and swollen. After four days, the needle moves will vanish, and your face will begin to feel tighter and more lifted.

you will be required to wear spf lotion for the next couple of weeks.

What to Consider?

The fractional Micro-needling procedure often results in discoloration immediately after the completion of the therapy. You appear as though you have a sunburn. The redness persists for up to twenty-four to forty-eight hours. You can choose to have makeup worn on the next day to help camouflage these adjustments so no one will notice any difference.

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