Body Tightening

What is skin tightening treatments for body?

Reason why people have skin tightening treatments for body is because as we age, we lose volume and shape in our body. Because of that, the skin may hang down as gravity acts on it producing droopiness, bands and cellulite. Think of this as excess skin which is similar in concept into a dress which becomes too large as its owner loses weight.

However now instead of performing potentially dangerous operations, you can undergo a non-invasive skin tightening treatments for body which will leave no dramatic side-effects on your body.

Is skin tightening treatments for body right for me?

Do you need firmer, more youthful-looking skin? Need to improve the appearance of saggy skin around your tummy, arms or thighs? Then skin tightening treatments for the body is excellent for you!

Skin tightening treatments for body have become extremely common in recent years since they supply a nonsurgical alternative to more invasive procedures for adjusting skin laxity and enhancing skin quality.

What happens once I have the treatment

Non-surgical laser skin tightening which is used for facial procedures can be customised for skin tightening on other fields of the body. The settings can be adjusted to treat the thicker skin of the human body.
Cryolipolysis- freezes the fat cells and they die off this is permanent and can be incorporated with ultrasound to shape the area.

What to Consider?

Laser skin tightening can be applied to areas of loose skin like the abdomen, buttocks, thighs, arms, neck, back, decolletage, and breasts.
Laser therapy may be used for average non-surgical fat reduction for areas like the buttocks, arms, obliques and thighs.

Improvement of moderate cellulite and smoothing of rippled and bumpy skin from cellulite in regions such as the buttocks and the back of thighs can also be carried out with this skin tightening treatments for body or larger areas with a fat freezing procedure. there is no downtime but you must drink plenty of water to flush the body of waste and remove the dead cells.

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