What is Body Acne ?

Body acne treatment is usually performed on the back and torso as this is where its quite common to show up. You may not realise it but over half of the people with facial acne also possess some amount of body acne. This is because, much as the skin of the face, the surface on your back and torso comprises more sebum (skin oil) and acne bacteria than the remainder of the human body. Body acne grows in a similar way to facial acne.

However, the skin around the body can be thicker than that on the face and frequently has larger pores, which makes for more intense acne lesions at times.

Is Body Acne treatment right for me?

It’s bad enough when acne breaks out on your face. However, when acne breaks out in your neck, scalp, chest, back, and buttocks, it is just plain unfair.

Worse off, the acne treatment on your face usually isn’t strong enough to care for acne elsewhere on your body.

Perhaps it’s time to consider more advanced body acne treatments such as the laser treatment, Photodynamic treatment, and Blue Light treatment.

What happens once I have the treatment

The acne laser works by simultaneously cleaning out excess oil and debris from the pores, while a non-metallic light kills bacteria in the pores.

Photodynamic treatment also kills acne-causing bacteria on the skin, while also decreasing excess oil production from the adrenal glands.

the light treatment uses pulsed light to destroy acne-causing germs and decrease inflammation on the skin.

What to Consider?

Before deciding which method you should pick, please be advised by a professional.

Your practitioner will allow you to determine the best routine of laser and light treatments for your skin. For body acne treatments, these in-office remedies can and are often combined using a prescription medication regimen.

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