Acne Scarring

What is an acne Scar?

The scars left by acne can cause a lot of embarrassment to people and can result in a lack of confidence, normally acne will affect teenagers due to hormonal imbalances in the body and usually clears up in late teens, but many adults can carry on suffering throughout life. The scarring left behind can be quite upsetting long after acne has gone the scarring is variable but consists of

       *Ice picks: massive but Tiny pits,

       *Boxcar: sharp angles and edges; could be shallow or deep,

       *Rolling: often are broad and shallow (a wavy appearance) due to damage below the surface.

Is an acne scar treatment right for me?

we will work with you and come up with a personalised plan to combat and reduce your scarring, this will normally involve a course of sessions and could involve one or many of the following options,


  1. Face resurfacing

The aim is to remove damaged layers of skin to ensure new, healthy epidermis appears. There are three major ways your doctor can perform this:


A laser generates a more even surface to your skin.

Dermabrasion. A rapidly spinning wheel with a rough surface eliminates damaged skin.

Chemical peel. A unique acid which removes the upper layer of your skin. This could help with deeper scars.


  1. Dermal Filler Injections

The therapist will apply a dermal filler to the damaged region using a needle. Since your body gradually absorbs the filler in may be necessary that the procedure must be repeated from time to time.


  1. Fractional Micro-needling (or rolling).

The physician rolls out a device covered with tiny needles over your skin. It is a secure way to arouse the tissue beneath it to develop. you will have an individualised serum to speed up this process. it is advised to undertake a course of treatments to give the best outcome.

What happens once I have the acne scar treatment?

Effects and side-effects may vary depending on the acne scar treatment you choose for yourself.
Regardless, in most cases, new skin will start to form approximately 7 to 10 days following your acne scar treatment. Your skin may remain pink from a few weeks to many months.

What to consider?

Firstly, it is always worth to way up advantages and disadvantages about each acne scar treatment before deciding which suits you best.

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